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Kellogg's Opens Cafe in New York City

Kellogg's NYC Cafe Concept Will Either Thrill You or Confuse You

Kellogg's is opening a restaurant in Times Square in New York in hopes of making eating cereal more cool. The brand is opening doors to its first-ever permanent "cereal restaurant," Kellogg's NYC, on July 1.

Kellogg's has partnered with Christina Tosi, owner of the Milk Bar bakeries, to create a customizable menu of cereal bowl options featuring its classic flavors including Special K, Corn Pops, and Raisin Bran. Patrons at the cafe will be given the option to dress their bowl with fruit and other sweet and savory trimmings of their choice (including thyme and blueberry jam). Customers can also choose from a fixed menu of specialty bowls ranging in price from $7 for a small to $8 for a standard serving — noticeably pricier than your average box of Rice Krispies. And for fans of all-day breakfast, the menu offerings will be available around the clock, so you can get your cereal fix at any time of day.

While for many of us, a bowl of cereal won't get any better than at home on Saturday morning, Kellogg's aim for opening the swanky space is to shed the mushy cereal image for a more inventive one. Now . . . whether or not we're willing to pay $8 for the experience is something we'll have to consider.

Would you pay $8 for a bowl of cereal?
Yes! It comes with a great experience.
Not. Ever.
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