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Kill-Free Meat

Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Meat Without Killing Animals

A company called Memphis Meats has found a way to manufacture meat in a lab. The team of scientists, led by CEO and cardiologist Uma Valeti, feeds animal cells "with oxygen and nutrients such as sugars and minerals" to grow meat that can be harvested within nine to 21 days, The Huffington Post reports. The result is a product whose appearance, smell, and taste are identical to real meat. "We love meat. But like most Americans, we don't love the many negative side effects of conventional meat production: environmental degradation, a slew of health risks, and food products that contain antibiotics, fecal matter, pathogens, and other contaminants," the company explains on its site. Research of this kind has been ongoing for years, and this breakthrough could lead to some major changes in the food industry and have an impact on the large-scale slaughtering of animals for human consumption.

How Do You Feel About Kill-Free Meat?
This is amazing, and I fully support it.
This is weird — I want real meat.
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