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McDonald's Tweets About Serving Fresh Beef Burgers in 2018

Oh Yes They Did — Wendy's Burns McDonald's For Its "Fresh Beef" Tweet

In addition to releasing its beloved bottled sauces, on Thursday, March 30, McDonald's announced it would begin cooking all of its Quarter Pounder burgers with "fresh beef."

As you can imagine, the internet responded to the announcement with pure confusion. "Fresh beef as opposed to spoiled beef? Fresh beef as opposed to fresh kangaroo? What HAVE you been using in the 1/4 Pounders?" one user tweeted. "Is that fresh as in it's never been frozen or 'fresh' as in it's been shipped frozen and thawed at the retail store?" another person asked.

But the most savage response to the news came from Wendy's, who won over social media with this savage tweet.

Side note: this is how we imagine Wendy's felt after pressing send.

Image Source: GIPHY

While McDonald's did not reply to the third-degree burn from its fast-food competitor, it did reply to concerned customers by explaining that it will be replacing its current Quarter Pounder burger, made out of "100% beef patties" for "fresh beef" by mid-2018. Still scratching your head about it? Yeah, us too.

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