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New Peanut M&M's 2016 Review

Here's How Every New Peanut M&M's Flavor Really Tastes

As soon as we heard M&M's released three new peanut flavors, we got our hands on them immediately. Only one flavor will remain on shelves for good, so we conducted a very official office-wide taste test to help determine which one we hope wins the Flavor Vote contest. Here's what you should know before you pick these up for yourself:

Coffee Nut

Coffee-lovers were obviously excited about this flavor, and while the chocolate-coffee M&M's are undoubtedly tasty (I could eat a whole bag), the coffee flavor isn't nearly as strong as I'd hoped.

Honey Nut

No, they don't taste like Honey Nut Cheerios, or really honey for that matter. They are tasty and have a slight honey taste, but not much, which is a plus if you're not that into honey. Overall, they're yummy, but not the one we'd pick from the shelf.

Chili Nut

Yes, these are SPICY. The title of these red and orange M&M's doesn't lie — after a few seconds of chewing, the spice kicks in, and the chili flavor pairs really well with sweet chocolate. While this is definitely not a kid-friendly version, it turned out to be the surprising favorite among our co-workers.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Erin Cullum
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