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Panera Double Bread Bowl Test July 2018

Um, Panera Is Making DOUBLE Bread Bowls a Thing, So Bring on All the Carbs

When you imagined innovations of the future, you may have dreamed of flying cars or self-lacing sneakers, but did you ever dare to consider shareable bread bowls? Well, this carb-lover's fantasy is becoming a reality on Aug. 5, thanks to Panera's new double bread bowls.

The bakery's genius creation features a whole loaf (yep, you read that right) with two cutouts ready to be filled with soup or mac and cheese-y goodness. You can grab your best friend, your significant other, your parents, or an acquaintance from your morning commute and share this delicious dish together. Or, if you love yourself, dig in solo and enjoy your savory snacks side-by-side.

Now that I have your attention, there's just one unfortunate catch. Since the double bread bowls are still in the "testing" phase, our lucky friends in the Philadelphia area are currently the only ones with access. The test run expires on Aug. 31 and there's no telling if they'll be released nationwide — sigh — so for now, we'll keep our fingers crossed and start looking for flights to Pennsylvania ASAP.

Image Source: Panera Bread
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