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Powdered Alcohol Legalized

Powdered Alcohol Is Now Legal, but Should You Drink It?

When you hear the words "powdered alcohol," a few thoughts probably come to mind: Does it work like Kool-Aid? If you mix it with Tang, do you make a powdered screwdriver? Can people sprinkle it on top of snacks for a boozy delight? OK, so maybe these were just the questions that ran through my head when the news of powdered alcohol's legalization was announced, but the public definitely has similar questions.

Palcohol, the company that started the conversation about powdered alcoholic beverages, will soon start selling its variety of products on the market. Powdered liquor options include rum and vodka, while Palcohol also carries powdered cocktails like cosmopolitans, lemon drops, and "powderitas" (which taste like margaritas) — all of which contain the same alcoholic content as their liquid counterparts. Simply mix the powder with six ounces of water, shake, and enjoy.

While the launch of Palcohol has been surrounded by controversy, we like to think that consumers will handle the product responsibly. Instead of focusing on potential downsides to this new alcohol option, we decided to think up some fun cocktail possibilities instead!

  • Powderdriver: This take on a screwdriver would mix vodka powder and Tang powder to create a '90s throwback drink with a bit of a buzz.
  • Pudding shots: You can make pudding from a powder, so why not combine Palcohol with it? We're envisioning a chocolate or banana pudding, powdered rum, and a whipped topping. Yum!
  • Pop Rocks 'Ritas: We're big fans of Pop Rocks margaritas around this office, but a shaken margarita powder would bring things to a whole new level. You could add a packet of sparkling candy in with the margarita mix to make the entire drinking experience more pop-tastic.

How do you feel about the legalization of powdered alcohol, and what would you make with the new invention?

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