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Spirulina Boozy Green Smoothie

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Three Olives Vodka

Green-smoothie-lovers, prepare yourselves, because your favorite post-workout snack just got a boozy upgrade. With the help of Three Olives Cucumber Lime Vodka and a few dashes of spirulina, a natural algae powder, this ombré beauty is totally #brunchgoals. And if you're the type to get ultracreative with your food, the refreshing mix can even be made into a smoothie bowl adorned with chia seeds, dragon fruit, and kiwis galore. Watch the video above to see how we're crafting this brunch-ready staple to be the Instagram-worthy treat of your wildest dreams.

We've partnered with Three Olives Vodka to take your go-to green smoothie to the next level.

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