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Wendy's Released a New Summer Salad

We Just Found the Hottest New Accessory (Hint: It's What's For Lunch)

We partnered with Wendy's to show you just how chic salads can be.
Ok, so you've got the hottest new strappy sandal ready to go for Summer; you grabbed that off-the-shoulder poplin sundress you've been seeing all over Instagram; you've perfected a flawless glossy eyeshadow application in preparation for the first soireé of the season — but you're still missing something . . .

You guessed it: a lunchtime staple that's just as on-trend as you are. Enter the Wendy's Berry Burst Chicken Salad, whose fresh strawberries and bold blueberries perfectly mimic the poppy colors that fashion girls the world round are sporting for Summer.

Whether your aesthetic is grounded by neon streetwear pieces, sparkly suits, flowy dresses, or a simple jeans-and-tee moment, the Berry Burst Chicken Salad fits right into your personal style. It's salad, but make it fashion.


Girl, you're allll about the sparkle. You never fail to be the center of attention when you're out on the town in a getup that's just as vibrant as you are. You're into all things Glam with a capital G: your go-to outfits center around shine, sequins, and pops of bright color. The Red Carpet season is your Superbowl, runway models are your muses, and Fashion Week is your high holiday. It's only natural that you'd want a salad that can stand up to your elevated style, whether you're ordering it for lunch or a late-night post-party essential. Hello, Berry Burst Chicken Salad.


What's up, hypebae? Sneakers, micro-purses, and tie-dye are your calling cards — and you wear them oh so well. You have your finger on the trend pulse even before the fashion professionals, and you're not afraid to push boundaries. Your style icons are the Gen Z celebs of the moment, and you're fully embracing the 2019 neon vibes. And a cool girl needs a cool lunch! It's a no-brainer that the Berry Burst Chicken Salad is a total must to complete your look.


Girlie girls unite! You love nothing more than a feminine silhouette, florals and pinks, and a nice flounce. You can almost always be found in the prettiest dresses, paired with a chic makeup look that reflects your inner glow. You're elevated but not pretentious — easy and breezy and stylish are your buzzwords. Your inspiration comes from Parisian Instagram stars and it-girls, and you always have your eye on their French Riviera cool-girl style. Just like your new Staud Bissett bag, the Berry Burst Chicken Salad makes the perfect accessory to go along with any outfit in your well-stocked closet.

Credits: Photography: Matthew Zach; Art Direction: Meg Konigsburg; Wardrobe Styling: Emma Sousa; Prop Styling: Katja Greeff; Food Styling: Julia Choi; Hair and Makeup: Kim Weber; Manicures: Julie Kandalec; Production: Cassie Doyle; Model: Kalysse Anthony