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Where Can You Buy Lime Skittles?

Lime Skittles Are Finally Coming Back After a 4-Year Hiatus!

In 2013, Skittles broke candy-loving hearts all over the world when it replaced the Lime flavor with Green Apple. And now, after four long years, Lime Skittles are making a comeback! Skittles heard the internet's pleas — have you seen the #BringBackLime hashtag and petitions? — and has decided to bring back the beloved green Lime flavor . . . but only for a limited time this Summer. Walmart will exclusively carry the Long Lost Lime Skittles packages, which features the full flavor lineup of Lime, Orange, Lemon, Grape, and Strawberry. And yes, if Green Apple happens to be your favorite, your original Skittles packages will still remain on shelves, too. You can look for the "Lime is back!" label to differentiate. Lime-lovers, rejoice!

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