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Aldi's New Cheese Advent Calendar Only Costs $15

Aldi's 2019 Cheese Advent Calendar Costs Just $15, and Oh My Gouda, My Body Is Ready

You could spend $15 on an overpriced salad that leaves you only half full and hangry by 4 p.m. — or you could spend it on nearly one month's worth of cheese. If that second option is more up your alley, you'll want to head to the nearest Aldi next month to snag one of the retailer's new cheese Advent calendars.

Hitting store shelves on Nov. 6, these giant festive boxes are jam-packed with 24 mini pieces of cheese each hidden behind a paper door. Aldi has yet to release a list of which specific varieties are included in the new calendar, but the box contains a few clues written inside, including the phrases "sweet and strong cheddar cheese," "sweet, nutty, and rich red Leicester cheese," and "savory and mild Edam cheese." Don't mind me, I'll just be drooling all over myself.

I don't know about you, but indulging in a different piece of cheese for 24 days straight sounds like a pretty ideal way to count down to Christmas Day, although it'll definitely take a boatload of self-control to resist scarfing down every single piece in one sitting. If history repeats itself, these calendars will likely sell out at Aldi stores pretty quickly, just like they did last year. We suggest marking your calendars for Nov. 6 so you don't miss out.

Image Source: Courtesy of Aldi
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