Do or Do Not, We Must Try This Hot-Cocoa Bomb With a Baby Yoda Marshmallow Inside

Hot-cocoa bombs are one of the top treats of the holiday season, and we're stoked to see a Mandalorian-inspired sweet officially exists. That's right, thanks to Galerie Candy, fans of the Star Wars universe can get their hands on a Baby Yoda Hot Chocolate Melt. Just add the chocolate sphere to a glass of water (or milk!), and watch magic happen when a Baby Yoda marshmallow appears right before your eyes.

If you're eagerly awaiting the chance to get your hands on the tasty treat, we have some bad and some good news. Unfortunately, it appears the snack isn't available on the Galerie Candy website, but according to the brand's Instagram account, the melts are also available in Kroger stores and could be making their way back online at 9 a.m. Keep an eye out!