26 Rosé Wines You Have to Try This Summer

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Rosé wine has almost become a right of passage in the Summer, as the flavors are fruity, floral, and light and match the mood of virtually every person around. And with a variety of types now — from sipping wines to ones that pair well with Summer meals — there is pretty much no way you should go without at least a glass or two this Summer.

If you're up for a challenge, we have one for you. We've selected 25 different Rosé wines (including a cider!) that you'll need to get your hands on this Summer. From ones that have surprising flavors to those that put the rose in Rosé, there are plenty to choose from, no matter how discerning your wine palate may be.

So slay all day and then come home and pop open one of these fab Rosés on the patio, with dinner, or just because!

Summer in a Bottle

Wölffer Estate is no stranger to Rosé (the Long Island vineyard makes several of them), but Summer in a Bottle's ($25) popularity has been growing. With heavily floral tasting notes blending with the aftertaste of fruits like apple and pear, it's light enough to sip on the porch but substantial enough to be paired with a seafood meal or cheese platter.

Notorious Pink Rosé
Notorious Pink Rosé

Notorious Pink Rosé

Notorious Pink Rosé ($23) is made in the south of France. The wine has hints of sweet cherries, raspberries, and peaches, but finishes off with stewed apples and a hint of spice. A bit sweeter than other wines from the region, this 100 percent Grenache-based French Rosé pairs well with seafood and poultry dishes.

Sterling Vineyards Vinter's Collection Rosé 2016
Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards Vinter's Collection Rosé 2016

This wine from Sterling Vineyards ($14) boasts the aromas of freshly picked berries, but tasting notes of pink citrus, jasmine tea, and orange blossom. It pairs well with one of Summer's favorite foods: the oyster.

Bonterra Organic Vineyards Rosé 2017

The wine from Bonterra Organic Vineyards ($16) exudes aromas of strawberry, key lime, and rosewater at the forefront with just a hint of pineapple. The wine has won two awards from the Ros Today 2017 Competition as well.

Yes Way Rosé
Sara Kerens Courtesy Yes Way Rosé

Yes Way Rosé

Light and refreshing, this wine has tasting notes of strawberry, citrus, and white peach. Brought to you by the same women who founded Summer Water, Yes Way Rosé ($13) is available at Target stores that offer beer and wine, as well as other retailers around the country.

Sterling Vineyards Sparkling Rosé 2016
Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards Sparkling Rosé 2016

Sterling Vineyards Sparkling Rosé 2016 ($24) has fresh aromas of strawberry, cherry blossom, rose petal, and crisp apple, leading to a lush palate of upfront fruit flavors balanced by creamy texture and bright acidity.

Sparkling Pointe 2015 Cuveé Carnaval Rosé
Sparkling Pointe

Sparkling Pointe 2015 Cuveé Carnaval Rosé

The 2015 Cuveé Carnaval Rosé from Sparkling Pointe ($36) is highlighted by tasting notes of fruits like cherries and strawberries combined with a sweet finish with hints of sugar and vanilla. Not only is it light and fresh, making it a good apéritif, but it also pairs well with dessert.

Saved Magic Marker Rosé

Saved Magic Marker Rosé ($20) hails from California grapes. A surprising blend of wet slate, orange blossom, and peach is enhanced by tones of berries and green apple for a balanced sip and a fresh, crisp finish.

Whispering Angel Rosé

From the Cotes de Provence region of France,Whispering Angel's 2017 vintage ($27) is a young wine full of aromas like fresh red currant, ripe citrus, and herbs and finishes on the palate with notes of raspberries and strawberries.

Summer Water

Fan-favorite Summer Water ($18) is dry, light, and crisp with notes of pink grapefruit and strawberry. The Grenache and Syrah blend is pressed using the direct press method to help keep the aromas intact as well.

Chateau Fabregues Costieres de Nimes

Also from France, Chateau Fabregues Costieres de Nimes ($13) has hints of strawberry, which pairs well with light dishes as well as spicy dishes.

Winter's Hill Dry Rosé

From Oregon's Willamette Valley, a booming region for wine in the US, this dry Rosé from Winter's Hill ($22) opens with watermelon, cherry, and wet stone flavors and finishes smoothly.

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé

These bubbles go down easily. Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé ($12) is a bit on the drier side with hints of elderflower. It's also available in mini bottles, making it great to transport to a beach or picnic.

Underwood Rosé Wine

We can't wait to get our hands on these cans this Summer. Underwood's Rosé Wine ($28 for four cans) has been stirring things up in the wine world. With strawberry and watermelon flavors combining with a pop of peach, this is a wine that will conjure up images of Summer all year. Oh, and for those who like bubbles, Underwood has a bubbly version of this wine, too.

Chateau Minuty Limited Edition M de Minuty 2017
Chateau Minuty

Chateau Minuty Limited Edition M de Minuty 2017

While the bottle is certainly eye-catching, it's the taste that makes this limited-edition M de Minuty ($20) one not to be missed. Peach and candied orange aromas carry over a fresh, round palate while the wine finishes dry.

Josh Rosé Wine

Josh Rosé Wine

Full of strawberry and stone fruit notes this Josh Cellars Rosé ($10) it is perfect to pair with a cheese plate or a light fish dish.

Ava Grace Rosé

A very floral Rosé balanced with notes of apricot, Ava Grace Rosé ($12) is best enjoyed alongside light poultry and vegetable dishes, but can also enhance a dessert course.

Coeur de Rosé Reserve

Worth the upgrade: grapes that are made into Coeur de Rosé Reserve from French winemaker Maison CR are harvested before dawn to ensure freshness. The citrus flavor in the wine is said to pair well with sushi and other Asian cuisine as well as grilled fish and meats.

One Hope Wine California Rosé

Not only does this wine taste good with hints of strawberry, cherry, and blood orange, but One Hope Wine's California Rosé ($20) helps to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. In fact, all of One Hope's wine helps to educate women about ovarian cancer, so you have permission to purchase all of the bottles.

Wölffer Estate 139 Dry Rosé Cider

Put a new twist on a classic with Wölffer Estate's 139 Dry Rosé Cider, which is available in cans ($84 for 24) or bottles ($48 for 12). The blend is sweeter than a traditional cider and contains floral aromas but promises a long finish.

2017 Miraval Rosé Cotes de Provence

With floral and fruit flavors, the 2017 Miraval Rosé Cotes de Provence ($25) is a combination of grapes, including Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, and Rolle.

Chateau d'Esclans Rock Angel 2017

Chateau d'Esclans Rock Angel 2017 ($30) features a multifaceted flavor on the palate while aromas of melon, peach, and strawberry enhance the overall drinking experience.

Domaine Loubejac Rosé Willamette

Domaine Loubejac Rosé Willamette ($13) has aromas of strawberry cream, white peach, and raspberry but finishes with hints of citrus.

The Palm by Whispering Angel

Fruity and fresh, The Palm by Whispering Angel ($17) is a new wine from the makers of Whispering Angel. It promises a crisp and round finish on the palate.

Relax Pink Rosé

A Spanish Rosé, Relax Pink ($10), brings the flavors of lots of fresh, red berries to the palate. Not too sweet and not too dry, it also pairs well with a variety of dishes, as well as a charcuterie board.