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Blue Bunny Holiday Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Just Took Your Favorite Holiday Cookie and Turned It Into an Ice Cream Flavor

Blue Bunny Snickerdoodle Sleigh Ride Ice Cream
Image Source: Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny just launched a new, holiday-themed ice cream packed with all the flavors of one of your favorite cookies: the snickerdoodle. Blue Bunny Snickerdoodle Sleigh Ride Ice Cream, as it's called, features baked snickerdoodle cookie pieces and snickerdoodle cookie dough chunks with cinnamon graham and red icing swirls, green sugar sprinkles, and red and green candy bunnies. The ice cream is available for a limited time in 28-ounce cartons for $5 each.

As if that doesn't already sound festive enough, the brand has reintroduced its Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and rolled out two other holiday items: Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Mini Swirls, snack-size peppermint ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles; and Candy Canes N' Fudge Load'd Sundaes, which are peppermint ice cream sundaes with fudge drizzle, peppermint candies, dark chocolate, and candy bunnies.

All four ice creams have popped up on store shelves in retailers around the country. Check them out ahead, and grab a few cartons before it's too late.

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