You Can Get a Boozy Caramel Flight at Disney World For $6, So BRB, We're Packing a Bag

Attention adult Disney fans: are you ready to bring on the boozy caramels? A flight of sweet alcohol-infused candy recently landed at Disney World, and eager foodies already buzzing about the tasty treat.

According to Instagram user @epcotreats, this brand-new dessert can be found in Epcot Germany's Karamell-Küche. They come in a plate of four, with flavors like apricot, white chocolate, brandy, and chocolate cherry. Yum! Plus, we know at least two of the flavors feature Irish Cream and Amaretto for an added kick. If that's not enough of a draw, maybe the $6 price tag will draw you in. That's affordable enough to satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to get a closer look at the new dessert. We understand if these prompt you to start looking at flights to Orlando.