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These Coffee Drinks Align With Each Zodiac Sign Perfectly

This TikToker Makes Coffee Drinks For Each Zodiac Sign, and They're Both Creative and Caffeinated


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♬ Moon - Sleeping At Last

Ready to go starry-eyed? There's a coffee-flavored drink for each of the 12 zodiac signs, and they were crafted in the heavens themselves. TikToker Joanna Moss, or @lovelyoneontheinside, has a divine talent of making drinks — from caffeinated to alcoholic and everything in between. Her concoctions are as creative as one can imagine, complete with sweet syrups, bold blends, and drool-worthy combinations. Just as each of the signs differ from the next, these coffees feature the same uniqueness and distinctiveness.

If you've ever wondering what kind of caffeine-filled beverage matches your zodiac sign (or even if you haven't), now's your chance to find out. From a cheeky pistachio gelato latte to delightful salted honey and orange blossom masterpiece, these drinks are as special as the stars above. Keep reading to see which coffee-infused drink matches your astrological sign, ahead.

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