Cold Stone's Boo Batter Ice Cream Is Back, and You Can Get It in an Orange Cone!

Ice cream may be one of summertime's biggest treats, but let's be real: it's delicious any time of year (and should not be ignored once colder temperatures roll around). Ice cream can be blended in a shake, stuffed between two cookies, topped with your favorite candy, or enjoyed in a cup or orange cone, which means it can be customized for every season and holiday — including Halloween. Thankfully, our fellow ice-cream-lovers over at Cold Stone Creamery understand this, because their Halloween-themed Boo Batter ice cream, which debuted last year, has officially returned!

Boo Batter is basically just their famous Cake Batter ice cream that's dyed black (there are no additional flavors added) and is available until the end of October. You can order it on its own in a cup or waffle cone, or ask for the signature Treat or Treat creation, which mixes the Boo Batter Ice Cream with Kit Kats, Halloween Oreo Cookies, and M&M's. You can grab this ice cream at any participating store nationwide, but just a fair warning before you do: it will turn your tongue black (but that's part of the fun, right?)! Keep reading to see more pictures of Boo Batter Ice Cream before running out and getting some for yourself!

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes