Costco Shoppers Can't Stop Raving About the New 5-Pound Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie

Costco's latest party-size dessert is a love letter to fans of a classic food combo: peanut butter and chocolate. Earlier this month, the warehouse club quietly released a five-pound peanut butter chocolate cream pie with a buttery graham-cracker crust. The bakery item features a creamy peanut butter and chocolate mousse center decorated with ribbons of peanut butter cream. While Costco is unable to confirm when the family-size dessert will make its nationwide debut, some fans have already gotten their hands on the treat.

"Honestly, it's rich, but it's almost light and fluffy at the same time."

"The Costco bakery just brought out a peanut butter chocolate cream pie for the first time ever, and I am screaming," TikTok user costcohotfinds, aka Laura Lamb, said in a video as she unboxed the enormous dessert. "Peanut butter pie is my all-time favorite, and this Costco pie is four and a half pounds. It is huge." Officially, the pie weighs in at 72 ounces, or 4.5 pounds, which adds up to about 16 servings.

After slicing into the treat to reveal the gooey center topped with a fluffy layer of mousse, Lamb went in for a taste test. "This one is dangerously delicious," she said. Speaking with "Today," she added that the pie, while rich, is light, making it the perfect dessert for seconds and thirds.

"I immediately ate a slice and gave a slice to my son, who was surprised I was giving him pie that early," she said. "And he took one bite into it and goes, 'Oh my god, Mom, this is like a huge peanut butter cup.' Honestly, it's rich, but it's almost light and fluffy at the same time. It's basically half peanut butter, half chocolate cream, and then it's got that crumbly graham-cracker crust. It's just really, really good."

Other Costco fan pages — including costcofans and costcogal88 — have shared glimpses of the peanut-butter-chocolate confection in all its glory. Like the chain's 4.5-pound apple pie and hefty pumpkin pie, this is one more colossal dessert we'll be enjoying with all of our friends and family.

As we keep an eye out for the giant treat in our local Costco, take a closer look at the new five-pound pie ahead — we'll definitely be serving ours with whipped cream.

Costco's 5-Pound Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie