You Can Buy Premade Gelatin Shots at Costco Now, and They Come in a Giant 24-Pack

Remember that iconic moment in Bridesmaids when Annie (aka Kristen Wiig) dramatically yells out, "I'm READY to PARTYYYY!" on the plane? Yep, that's pretty much the exact same reaction I had to seeing Costco's latest adults-only offering: premade gelatin shots. Made by an aptly named company called Shottys, the party-ready refreshments help you evade the time-sucking (and often messy) process of mixing Jell-O powder with boiling-hot water, stirring in vodka, filling those tiny plastic cups to the brim, and then letting them solidify overnight. Just add ice and water to the bag of shots to chill 'em, peel back the lid, and squeeze that sweet, boozy goodness directly into your mouth.

Shottys come in a variety of flavors like Lime and Orange, but it looks like Costco is currently offering them in a 24-pack that includes strawberry, blue raspberry (dibs!), grape, and watermelon. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention a very vital detail: each shot is made with real vodka and contains 12.5 percent ABV. Knock a few of these bad boys back and before you know it, you just might mistakenly spot a colonial woman on the wing of your airplane, too.