Dairy Queen's Baby-Blue Soft-Serve Cones Come With a Crunchy Cotton-Candy Shell

Dairy Queen's soft-serve ice cream cones are getting a dreamy cotton-candy makeover this Spring, and you can bet my inner 8-year-old is begging to swing by the drive-through. After originally introducing a Cotton Candy-Dipped Soft Serve Cone last year for a limited time, DQ is officially bringing back the treat on March 19, so fingers crossed it's here to stay permanently this time!

The Instagram-worthy cones — which can be ordered in small, medium, or large sizes — are filled with traditional vanilla soft serve and dipped in a blue cotton-candy coating that hardens into a crunchy shell. Depending on the location, the frozen snack will be available for $2 to $3 per cone. While the cones won't make their official 2020 debut for a couple more weeks, a few ice cream fans have already managed to get their hands on one. Keep reading to see what to expect if you decide to give the whimsical, carnival-like treat a taste for yourself.