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Disney World Is Selling a Simba Popcorn Bucket

You'll Want to Lift Disney World's New Simba Popcorn Bucket Up For the Whole Savanna to See

Please excuse me as I make ridiculous cooing sounds over Disney World's new Simba Popcorn Bucket that's almost too cute to fill with snacks. The popcorn bucket is about the size of your standard house cat and is positioned so that you can hold Simba up high with pride, just like Rafiki. Having seen The Lion King dozens of times, it's long been my dream to lift baby Simba up and show him off for the whole savanna — or at least, anyone in my living room — to see. Now, that dream can be a reality. Just look at those little paws! Keep reading to take a closer look at the supercute popcorn bucket ahead, and swing by The Feeding Ground or the Mahindi popcorn carts in Disney World's Animal Kingdom to snag one for yourself for $17.

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