Regarding Disneyland's New Panko-Crusted, Pickle-Wrapped Hot Dog: How?

And here we thought the biggest Disneyland news this month would be about the park's anticipated reopening on April 30. How naive we were! In actuality, everyone can't stop buzzing about the arrival of a polarizing pickle-wrapped hot dog . . . and with good reason.

In April, the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs cart located in the Downtown Disney District began selling its Panko Crusted Pickle Dog for $13 that's pretty much what it sounds like: a hot dog, wrapped in a dill pickle, and then encased in a deep-fried batter that's been dusted off with panko bread crumbs. It's also served with a side of peanut butter, inexplicably. See photos of the wild menu item as you try and wrap your head around it.