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Epicurean Cutting Board Review | Nonslip, Dishwasher-Safe

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cutting Board With This $30 Nonslip Option From Amazon

Epicurean Cutting Board Review | Nonslip, Dishwasher-Safe

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I love cooking and trying out new recipes in my kitchen. Not every night is a gourmet meal, sometimes it is leftovers for dinner, but when I am in mood to pull out all of the stops, I hate standing at my counter and having my plastic cutting board slip all over the place. Don't get me wrong: I do have some heavy wooden cutting boards that clearly don't move because of their weight. But most of time due to sheer laziness, I almost always opt for one that is dishwasher-safe.

There are plenty of buzzy kitchen products and I love them all, but I needed a simple cutting board to solve this problem. I started to hunt around Amazon to find something that's durable, dishwasher-safe, has a groove to collect liquid (so I don't ruin my nice counter with lemon juice), not plastic, sustainable, and most importantly, wouldn't slip all over my marble counter. After a couple of returns, I finally found the cutting board that checks all of my novice chef boxes — enter the Epicurean Cutting Board ($30).

It is made of a durable wood composite that is still friendly to all of your knives (so you don't have to constantly resharpen your blades) and is heat resistant to 350°F, so it can be used in place of a trivet on stone counters. I have had problems occasionally where the board will slightly warp in the dishwasher; so far I have corrected that each time by wetting it and letting it dry standing up. I have two of these cutting boards for several months, and they have been my go-to.

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