These Fall Charcuterie Boards Are Almost as Glorious as the Season Itself

From bagel boards to pancakes and even Halloween-themed spreads, charcuterie boards have come a long way from their humble meat-and-cheese beginnings. And there's a reason the charcuterie board craze just won't die down: they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and typically feature an array of our favorite snack foods, including savory cheese, fresh fruits, and salty nuts. They are also infinitely customizable and allow you to bring out your creative side. Creating a board is essentially like doing arts and crafts, but you get to eat the final product. And with sweater weather upon us, that means one thing for charcuterie lovers: fall-themed charcuterie boards.

Fall is one of the best times of year for standout produce and seasonal flavors (but you don't need us to tell you that). Between pumpkin spice, apple, maple, and brown sugar, plus fresh squash and crunchy leaves, there are countless ways to add fall flair to your cheese boards this season — both in terms of edible ingredients and colorful decorations. If you're plotting a fall charcuterie board for your next gathering or cozy night in, keep reading to score some autumn inspiration for your own creation. Between all these glorious fall charcuterie board ideas, you're sure to find something that makes you swoon.

Fall Charcuterie Board Centerpiece

Charcuterie board or a table centerpiece? You be the judge. With this pretty white pumpkin at its center, this simple fall charcuterie board will have your loved ones gathered around the table in seconds.

Sweet and Savory Fall Charcuterie Boards

This fall charcuterie board idea is great for a big group; place all the savory items on one board (including cheese, olives, and salted nuts) and all the sweet items on another board (including fruit, mini peanut butter cups, and kettle corn).

Fall Charcuterie Board With Fresh Flowers

Add color to your fall charcuterie board with a few seasonal, sunset-hued flowers. Tuck them into any empty space, and they'll both fill out and brighten up every corner of your display. Afterward, consider using the flowers to make these pretty pressed-flower pumpkins that TikTok is loving.

Happy Fall Charcuterie Board

Use cutout cookies to create whatever message you'd like for your fall charcuterie board. For example, take inspiration from this Instagrammer and welcome the season in style with a "Happy Fall!" motif.

Monochrome Fall Charcuterie Board

What colors remind you of fall? For us, it's shades of reds and orange just like this red-themed fall charcuterie board. Red apples, berries, grapes, salami, and ham make it beyond easy to curate.

Fall Brunch Board

There's no need to wait until happy hour to devour a charcuterie board. Try this creative brunch board if you're hosting a daytime shindig or morning tailgate. Just pile your fall charcuterie board with bagels, fruit, nuts, cheeses, and creamy spreads.

Fall Charcuterie Board With Plant Accents

Look closely, and you'll see daisies, pine cones, and even snips of pine tree branches nestled into this fall charcuterie board. Plants are a festive (and eco-friendly) way to spruce up your board — and it doesn't hurt that the cheese and meat selection on this one looks divine.

Mini Fall Charcuterie Board

There's no need to make a massive charcuterie board for a small gathering or at-home date night — or if you're hoping people will save room for the main course. This mini fall charcuterie board offers just enough of everything for a group of three to four people.

Maple Fall Charcuterie Board

Pumpkin and apple may get all the flavor glory during fall, but maple is the seasonal sleeper hit worth incorporating into your party spread. Maple can easily be tied to both sweet and salty snacks, making it the perfect addition to a fall charcuterie board. Try it with maple cookies or a maple spread, or offer fresh maple syrup in lieu of honey for drizzling.

S'mores Fall Charcuterie Board

This creative twist on a charcuterie board makes a great fall party dessert. You'll need a tabletop fire to make a s'mores charcuterie board — or a real campfire, plus some spooky stories.

Fall Charcuterie Glasses

If you are looking for a creative new way to present your fall charcuterie board — or want to keep touchy fingers (and germs) at bay — go for this cute version using glasses. Gather a selection of all your charcuterie ingredients in each glass, and each person has their own tiny appetizer. Just make sure you keep refills close by!

Fall Candy Charcuterie Board

Serve up a clever and easy party dessert with this charcuterie board that includes tiny candies, cookies, and some popcorn and pretzels for a bit of salt and crunch.

Creepy Halloween Charcuterie Board

If you're looking for a Halloween-themed charcuterie board, we have tons of ideas — but this one is about as cute as it gets. Tiny cups of the classic "dirt" dessert, PB&J spiders, and spooky ants on a log make this an absolute delight for adults and kids alike.

Fall Charcuterie Board With Gourds and Dried Citrus

Buy some mini gourds at your local farm stand or market and dry some orange slices to make the perfect colorful foodie decor for your fall charcuterie board. Even better? You can reuse them for decor around your home afterward.

Pumpkin-Shaped Fall Charcuterie Board

See the pumpkin here? An easy way to level up your fall charcuterie board is to arrange it in the shape of a pumpkin or jack-o'-lantern. Just stick to orangey fruits, veggies, and cheese, and you're (literally) golden!

Fall Charcuterie Board With Leafy Greens

Use leafy greens like curly kale, deep green Tuscan kale, or hearty chard to underlay your fall charcuterie spread. It'll give it some extra color and texture — and no one needs to eat it.

Fall Charcuterie Board With a Brie Cutout

Use a cookie cutter or some sharp knife skills to cut out a shape — like an apple, shown here, or even letters — on the top of a wheel of brie or other soft cheese. Fill it in with a fruit jam or dried fruits for a fun visual element that you can also eat.