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Find Your Perfect Party Dip

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Source: Hidden Valley Ranch
We've partnered with Hidden Valley Ranch to help you show off your hosting skills by acing one of the most crucial components of any party: the snack table.

Snacks can make or break a party. A few stale chips and mixed nuts aren't going to wow your guests — but set out a top-notch dip and all the accoutrements, and people will really respond. Whether you're hosting a housewarming, game watch, or birthday shindig, you need a dip to get the party started. The only question is, which one? Take our handy quiz to discover the perfect dip pairing for your next get-together, and get ready for the accolades to roll in.

Find Your Perfect Party Dip
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Image Source: Hidden Valley Ranch
What’s theoccasion? My team made theplayoffs! Sunday night familydinner. I moved into a newapartment. It’s my friend’sbirthday. Isn’t Friday nightreason enough? Who’s coming over? My entire extendedfamily. Literally everyone Iknow. Just a few closefriends. All of my bestiesfrom college. A bunch of people Idon’t really know. What’s yourfavorite partysnack? The veggie tray. Pizza, obviously! Anything with bacon. Chicken wings allthe way! The charcuteriespread. What else are youserving? Whatever I can findin the fridge. A Pinterest-worthydessert display. We’ll probablyorder burgers. All my family’sfavorite recipes. A simple cheeseboard. How are youdecorating? I'm not. Balloons! I’m wearing myfavorite jersey. Fresh flowers. I’ll light ascented candle.