Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Means Free Food — Check Out the Best Offerings Here

ICYMI, the COVID-19 vaccine has more perks than just protecting yourself and others from the virus — you can also get free food with it! There's a saying that nothing tastes as good as free food, and after getting the COVID shot, we believe that to be true. As the food and restaurant industry begins to see some semblance of normalcy, a handful of establishments are looking for ways to reward those who got vaccinated. While these deals can vary from city to city, it's worth checking out which ones are free in your area. We rounded up the most mouthwatering freebies on the market so you can enjoy delicious bites on top of staying healthy. A win-win in our book!

  1. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: The beloved doughnut brand is giving free glazed doughnuts to customers who show their COVID-19 vaccination cards at checkout. This deal lasts until the end of 2021 and requires no additional purchases, so it's a steal to say the least!
  2. Nathan's Famous: Nathan's Famous, the iconic hot dog chain known for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, is giving out free hot dogs at its Coney Island location to people on the same day as their vaccine appointment. Just bring your vaccination card to the flagship restaurant and snag a free dog! Right now this offer is only available at the Coney Island location, but feel free to check your local shop in case they're offering it too.
  3. Village Tap: This Chicago-based restaurant is offering $10 gift cards to each person who shows their vaccine card, meaning you can get beer, pretzels, corn dogs, and more covered. This offer lasts until they give out $10,000, so be sure to head there sooner rather than later.
  4. Super Duper Burgers: Located in the Bay Area, this burger joint is offering free french fries to customers who show up with their vaccination cards. Pair free fries with the Super Sauce, and your lunch is about to be good.
  5. Budweiser: Head to to get $5 in beer money after you show proof of vaccination. You can do this by taking a selfie with you vaccination sticker and Band-Aid, or you can upload a picture of yourself at a vaccination site. Enjoying a beer with your buds is in close reach when you're vaccinated!
  6. So Good So You: This brand of immunity-boosting shots can be found at national retailers like Target and smaller health food stores, and when you go to, you can receive a voucher for a free juice shot after you show proof of vaccination. Made with elderberry, turmeric, and more, these good-for-you shots are worth getting a real shot.
  7. Samuel Adams: Cheers to free beers! This fan-favorite beer company launched a new incentive to get people vaccinated with the #ShotForSam campaign. If you post your vaccination sticker or bandage with the hashtag #ShotForSam and tag @samueladamsbeer on Instagram or Twitter, the company will send over $7 through the Cash App so you can enjoy a beer at your favorite bar. We'll drink to that!