This Friends-Themed Slow Cooker Is the Kitchen Gadget Only a Total Monica Would Buy

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Friends fans, gather round! Box Lunch has a slow cooker in stock that anyone named Monica Geller would love. The Friends-themed kitchen gadget ($60) is covered in doodles from the hit NBC show, referencing notable quotes like "Pivot!" and "How you doin'?" You'll want to dig this out for any potlucks with your Central Perk crew or for a Thanksgiving feast — while you binge the best holiday episodes, of course.

With a $60 price tag, this slow cooker is only slightly more expensive than your average six-quart programmable pot. You can also get a triple-cooker for about $10 more! If you're interested in buying one for yourself (or for your BFF), I would recommend shopping fast — it's already selling out across the internet. You'll be ready to whip up meals like Monica at Alessandro's in no time.