These Llama Cupcakes Have Sprinkles Swirled Right Into the Batter, So Who's Ready to Party?

Move over, birthday cake, because Hostess just announced the launch of colorful Llama Cupcakes, and they look like a party for your taste buds! A festive spin on the classic cupcake, the yellow cakes have purple sprinkles mixed into the batter and are topped with lavender-colored icing, rainbow sprinkles, and a yellow frosting swirl. In traditional Peruvian culture, llamas are seen as sacred animals and are sometimes decorated with flowers and multicolored tassels, which may explain why these cupcakes are topped with colorful sprinkles.

Hostess's limited-edition Llama Cupcakes will be available in eight-count boxes for $3 at Walmart from Feb. 12 through the end of April. If the popularity of Hostess's Unicorn Cupcakes is any indication, we expect these new snacks to gallop right off the shelves.