Salami Roses Are the Newest Addition to Charcuterie Boards — Here's How to Make Them

Charcuterie boards are the essence of all things delicious. Diverse selections of cheese, fresh fruit, crunchy crackers, and mouthwatering meat slices have made these plates into the cultural phenomenon that they are with everything from seasonal styles to mini sizes and even Mexican-food-themed options that are now taking over kitchens across the world.

The art of creating the ideal balance of salty and sweet flavors with a pop of color and accompaniments is a true talent — made only more impressive when paired with salami roses. Yep, salami roses are now a thing. In a tutorial video shared by Janelle Elise Flom (@janelleelise), this hack involves folding slices of salami on top of each other in a Champagne flute, flipping the glass over, and being left with a drool-worthy salami rose that elevates the look of any cheese board. It's as easy as that!

The next time you're thinking of having a wine-and-cheese night, take your charcuterie board to a place it's never been before when you incorporate this fun food hack into the mix. These flavorful roses will perfectly complement all kinds of pairings like cheese, jam, fruit, nuts, crackers, and more, so feel free to get creative. Salami roses are on par with the viral baked feta pasta being all over TikTok, so try out this trend for a delicious (and beautiful) snack!