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Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Talk About His Sourdough Hobby | Video

Find Someone Who Cares For You as Much as Jake Gyllenhaal Cares For His Homemade Sourdough

I hate to break it to you, ladies and gents, but Jake Gyllenhaal is in a dedicated, loving relationship . . . with his sourdough. The actor shared the devastating yet simultaneously fascinating news during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which he began by shushing the late-night host so as to not disturb his resting and rising sourdough. When a somewhat befuddled Stephen asked, "Is that something that sourdough has to do? It has to rest?" Jake responded with an exasperated, hands-in-the-air "Yes!" that actually made me laugh out loud. This man's a treasure.

"I've found myself falling in love with sourdough."

After reassuring Stephen that sourdough starters are actually "deep sleepers," Jake continued to divulge all the details about his newfound hobby. "As my hair's grown longer, and as I've slowly inched into the hipster world, I've found myself falling in love with sourdough. I have nothing to do," he said. Jake's friend, a baker, sent him some starter in the mail, and ever since he received the package, Jake has been lovingly cultivating it as if it were his own child. When Stephen revealed that he, too, is now a member of the "sourdough cult" and showed off his stinky starter, a genuinely concerned Jake asked, "Are there bubbles in it?" before displaying his own dough like a proud dad.

All I'm gonna say is dirty talk is overrated. My daydreams will now revolve around Jake Gyllenhaal passionately talking sourdough to me. And while he's at it, I'm gonna need him to belt out a song about his bread-baking adventures, now that I know he's basically a professional singer.

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