Proof That Jason Momoa Would Be the Ultimate Drinking Buddy

Game of Thrones and Justice League actor Jason Momoa is many things: a fitness superstar, social media enthusiast, family man, t-shirt collector, fanboy, activist, and overall hottie. But above all of these things, Momoa is — based on his public love of dark beer and plentiful liquor-related Instagram posts — a top-notch drinker. One scroll through the Hawaiian-born hunk's social media pages will convince you that he would be the absolute best drinking buddy . . . he's the life of the party!

From whiskey to mimosas, Momoa knows his stuff when it comes to tasty alcohol. In case you needed any more proof that he's the ideal friend to barhop with, check out his fun-loving Instagram posts while on the town. It's five o'clock somewhere!

Jason knows that warm vacation days call for margaritas.

You'll never catch him at brunch without a Bloody Mary in hand.

Unless, of course, there are bottomless mimosas around.

He's a diehard Guinness fan, and he's traveled the world to taste it.

He even makes room in his strict diet for his favorite beer!

He knows the value of a good scotch.

(Like Highland Park's Valhalla collection!)

And his whiskey neat.

And most importantly, Jason knows that no Italian meal is ever complete without wine!

He's not afraid to rock a Guinness-foam mustache.

He brings it with him on vacation . . .

He's got a tap at home . . .

And he orders it while out on the town.

A nice, dry red is worth singing about.

And you'd best believe he drinks beer at work! (When appropriate, obviously.)

Best of all? He knows that no beer is complete without tasty snacks.

Especially when watching Game of Thrones — only slabs of red meat and rich, show-themed brews will do.

And when it comes to parties, he can always carry the keg.

He appreciates tasty Japanese malts.

Take a tip out of Jason's book: there's no better way to end a long day than with a glass of wine and a hot bath.