This Chilled Rainbow Grape Recipe Is a Sweet (and Boozy) Alternative to Candy

My go-to candy stash is about to have some serious competition, because this recipe for rainbow grapes looks like something straight out of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. In a video shared to TikTok, user HoneyBobaBear shared a recipe for "rainbow grapes," aka chilled grapes soaked and rolled in flavored gelatin powder. You can even freeze the grapes for 30 minutes instead of chilling them for a snack that's colorful and cold on a warm afternoon.

All you have to do to put this tasty snack together is soak some clean grapes in water, stick each grape on a toothpick, and roll them around in different Jell-O powders of your choice. The varying colors also give each grape its own taste. Once the grapes are coated, just chill them in the fridge for one to two hours and enjoy! As ready as I am to race to my kitchen and try this recipe out ASAP, I think I'm going to swap the water for vodka and let the grapes soak a little longer for a treat that's extra satisfying. See the full recipe video here and try these rainbow grapes out for yourself one afternoon.