Jello Shot Jenga Exists, and We Can Practically Taste Summer Already

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Sometimes all it takes to elevate a simple backyard game from mindless fun to straight-up legendary is a little boozy tweak. You've probably already heard of Jenga, but did you know there's now Jello Shot Jenga?! Yep, the perfect Summer party game exists, and we can practically taste it already.

Created by Minnesota woodworker Brian Calteaux and sold in his Stone Point Woodwork Etsy shop, the Tipsy Jello Shot Tower looks like a regular version of the popular block-removing game but hides a brilliant twist: 15 of the 54 pieces feature slots to hide jello shots inside. So, if you pull one out, it's go time.

The set comes in two sizes, a Little Tipsy Tower ($79) with blocks that hold one shot and a Double Tipsy Tower ($89) with blocks that hold two shots. Both come with laminated rules for how to play, 25 jello shot cups with lids, and a jello shot recipe card.

The only bummer is that both towers are currently sold out, but Calteaux announced on Etsy that he's currently "busy in the workshop making more," so be sure to check back frequently, or sign up to be alerted when the game is back in stock.