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Nailed It: Joey and Hunter King's Hot Air Balloon Cake

Joey King and Hunter King's "Balloon Art" Cake on Nailed It! Will Haunt My Dreams Tonight

Baking is an art form the contestants on Nailed It! have yet to perfect (it's kind of the whole point of the series). Joey King and her sister Hunter King are among the latest batch of brave at-home bakers to attempt a confectionary masterpiece — emphasis on attempt. In a preview clip from season five of the show, Hunter and Joey tried their hand at re-creating a travel-themed hot air balloon cake and the finished product speaks for itself. "Under pressure, I'm not great," Joey admitted in a teaser for the episode before adding that the cake is "open for interpretation."

The judges seemed to have mixed reviews, with host Nicole Byer saying, "This is wild and I like it. The longer you look at it the more you discover," while Jacques Torres encouraged the sisters to spread some buttercream on the cake before adding fondant next time. Like all great pieces of art, the cake truly is open for interpretation, so let's break down the components of the cake and judge it for ourselves, shall we?

For Reference: The Original Cake vs. Joey and Hunter's Cake

The Balloon: A little deflated and, uh, shredded? The colors are spot-on but the decoration could use a little more finesse. Bonus points for the Nerds ropes and sour ribbons dangling off the balloon — which those tiny fondant figures are definitely grateful for.

The Figures: OK, tiny people are hard to sculpt, whether you're working with fondant or modeling clay, so I'll give them that. The positioning of the person hanging from the basket is impressive, and so is his outfit compared to the original. But I am left wondering why the person on the outside of the balloon suddenly shapeshifted into Pingu with a green bouffant hairdo.

The Basket: The sandbags, a crucial element to the hot air balloon experience, are missing and I would not like to be a tiny fondant person on this balloon.

The Clouds: While the clouds on the original cake seem to be made of cotton, the clouds on Joey and Hunter's cake could be anything. My guess is multicolored whipped cream, which isn't exactly accurate, but it does add a fun pop of color to an otherwise questionable cake.

Final Score: 10/10 for creativity + 3/10 for accuracy = Nailed it!

Yeah, so I don't think I'd hire them for my birthday, but the finished cake definitely embodies the Nailed It! spirit. Plus, Joey and Hunter clearly had fun coming up with ways to make the dessert their own, so this gets a major A for effort from me. "Being on Nailed It! with Hunter is probably the most exciting thing EVER to me, so plssss watch [sic] hehe," Joey said on her Instagram Stories. "If you desire to see me and my sister Hunter fail miserably at NAILED IT tomorrow on Netflix," she added in an Instagram post on March 25, which featured a hilarious gallery of photos from the show. See clips from the sisters' Nailed It! "Double Trouble" episode and judge their show-stopping cake here.

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