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KFC Launching Fried-Chicken Doughnut Sandwiches Nationwide

Praise Be: KFC Is Finally Releasing Those Fried-Chicken Doughnut Sandwiches Nationwide

KFC Launching Fried-Chicken Doughnut Sandwiches Nationwide
Image Source: KFC

Colonel Sanders is out here making sure we're well-fed this Winter. His beloved chicken chain, KFC, is preparing to bless our taste buds with quite the daunting mashup of comfort foods: a fried-chicken doughnut sandwich. According to an official press release, the salty-meets-sweet monstrosity more specifically combines "a juicy, hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet" with two "fully glazed" doughnuts — yes, the phrase Extra Crispy is apparently trademarked by KFC, and yes, those doughnuts are, indeed, completely glazed, because it's 2020 and we don't mess with partial glazing.

If this sandwich creation sounds somewhat familiar, that's because KFC tested it out in just a few US cities back in September 2019, and apparently said test went pretty darn well. The fried-chicken doughnut sandwich will be available at KFC locations around the nation from Feb. 24 through March 16, or while supplies last. Ahead, scope out a handful of mouthwatering IRL photos to see just how finger-lickin' good the menu item looks.

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