Blaze Pizza Is Selling White Claw-Infused Pizza, and I Don't Know How to Feel About It

Whether it's alcoholic slushies or low-calorie flavors, I'm always game for a White Claw spin-off. And while White Claw pizza wasn't exactly at the top of my wish list, I wouldn't completely rule out the new limited-edition offering available at Blaze Pizza locations nationwide.

What exactly is White Claw pizza, you might be wondering? Well, according to a rep from Blaze Pizza, the restaurant's executive chef Brad Kent has adapted the pizza crust to add mango-flavored White Claw, which replaces filtered water in his fresh dough recipe. While I've yet to try fruit-infused pizza dough, I will say I do enjoy the occasional slice of pineapple pizza, so if it's anything like the polarizing topping, I guess I wouldn't turn down a slice of a mango-flavored version.

This unique menu item is available for one day only on June 18. You can head to any of the 50+ participating locations across the country and order a White Claw crust on a pizza of your choice to go or dine-in, depending on where you live. Taste the pizza for yourself this Thursday.