Screw Gingerbread — All I Want For the Holidays Is This Oreo Cookie House Kit

I have six very important, possibly life-changing words for you, dear reader: Oreo holiday chocolate cookie house kit. Yes, these exist now, and they'll have you kicking your traditional gingerbread house to the curb with absolutely zero remorse. These drool-worthy kits come equipped with prebaked chocolate cookie pieces, icing, both regular-size and mini Oreos, and multicolored fruit gummies and candy jewels for decorating to your heart's content. Good luck not devouring all the cookie squares while piecing everything together!

So far, the ready-to-assemble kits have been spotted by eagle-eyed shoppers at both CVS and Big Lots ahead of the holiday season. There's a large $10 option and mini $5 option currently listed on the Big Lots website, although both have unfortunately already sold out. If you need me, you can find me refreshing the Big Lots website until these chocolatey masterpieces are restocked.