Yep, Oreo's Milkshake Gift Set Still Exists and You Can Buy It Online

Just when you thought it wasn't acceptable to give a box of Oreos to someone for Christmas, the Oreo Milkshake Gift Set ($16) was invented! This is a real thing that exists in stores and online, and was once spotted at Walmart by Instagram user Candyhunting.

The gift set comes with two ceramic cups with an Oreo logo, an ice cream scoop, two blue and white straws, and four Oreo cookies. The recipe for the Oreo vanilla milkshake is printed right on the cups, so you never have to worry about looking it up. The gift set, of course, does not include a blender, ice cream, or milk, so you'll have to have those supplies on hand. If you're anything like us, you can name more than a few people who would 100 percent add this to their wish lists, so it looks like most of our Christmas shopping is done! We have a feeling if we opened a box with cute wrapping paper to discover this gem of a gift, we'd be pretty freaking happy.