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Gluten-Free Oreos Review | Photos

I Tried Oreo's New Gluten-Free Mint Cookies, and I Need a Double Stuf Version ASAP

Gluten-Free Oreos Review | Photos

When it came time to try the gluten-free mint Oreos, I was skeptical. While I'm a fan of mint, some brands go overboard with the artificial flavoring and end up creating snacks that taste more like toothpaste than dessert. Luckily, that was not the case with these cookies.

As soon as I peeled back the seal on the packaging, I was hit with a sweet but minty scent that instantly had me reaching for the first cookie. After one bite, my thought process was essentially, "Oh no, these are too delicious. I hope I don't have to share."

The mint-flavored cream was light, and it balanced out nicely with the crunchy, chocolate cookies on either side. While each bite left a refreshing feeling in my mouth, the flavor was far from toothpaste-like and satisfied my craving for a mint-chocolate dessert.

Because it'd been a while since I'd eaten a regular mint-flavored Oreo, I shared a few with my non-gluten-free friends to help inform my final verdict. The result? The mint version is "pretty damn spectacular," according to my roommate.

Even though I could easily enjoy an entire row — or pack — on their own, these would definitely add an extra punch of flavor crumbled over ice cream or dipped in a cold glass of milk.

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