Pillsbury Released Snackable Cookie Dough Bites, and Yes, They're Safe to Eat Raw

Rather than risking salmonella and snacking on cookie dough before it hits the oven (guilty), Pillsbury has answered our sweet tooth prayers by releasing . . . drum roll, please . . . edible cookie dough bites!

Instagram user @SnackGator found these crave-worthy eats at Meijer, and they look downright delicious. The cookie dough bites come in three flavors — peanut butter chocolate chip, chocolate chip, and birthday cake — and we're already giddy at the thought of having these 8-ounce resealable bags (let's be real, we'll eat the whole thing in one sitting) in our cabinets. Perfect for road trips, plane rides, movie nights, or even a midday snack, we can't wait for these balls of deliciousness to hit our local store. Just remember: it might take a minute before they do, so until then, feel free to just eat spoonfuls of Pillsbury's eat or bake cookie dough sheets.