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These Schitt's Creek Cookies Are So Cute

We're Just a La La La Little Bit Obsessed With These Schitt’s Creek Cookies

Is there ever such a thing as too much Schitt's Creek? No, no there is not. In addition to the sweaters, face masks, wall decor, and mugs from the show, we can also now obsess over — wait for it — Schitt's Creek cookies! Bakers on Instagram and Etsy are showing off their insane talent by sharing their hilarious and delicious-looking cookies based on our favorite Rosebud Motel residents. We could look at them all day, especially while listening to the Jazzagals, and I love that journey for us. From pictures of the characters and the funniest one-liners to David's iconic sweaters, these cookies are definitely a treat. If you're trying very hard to not connect with people right now, keep reading to see more Schitt's Creek cookies that Café Tropical should *definitely* add to their very large menu.

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