These Schitt's Creek Gingerbread Houses Are Beyond Impressive — Look at That Rose Apothecary!

The beauty of building gingerbread houses is that there are truly no rules. If you're like me, you can opt for the simplest of creations with some graham crackers and your favorite candy. But if you're wildly creative, you might use your talents to construct elaborate themed gingerbread houses inspired by your favorite show — like these impressive ones modeled after Schitt's Creek.

That's right, people are making edible gingerbread houses that perfectly replicate the Rosebud Motel, among other Schitt's Creek attractions. Using icing, cookies, and various candies, one brilliant baker took things to a whole other level and built the entire town in gingerbread form, complete with the town hall, Bob's Garage, and of course, Rose Apothecary. Whether you're looking for some inspiration for your own creations or simply like to enjoy admiring works of art, check out these impressive gingerbread houses ahead.