Spice Up Your Snack Rotation With These 24-Ounce Bags of Sriracha Almonds From Sam's Club

Almonds are a classic snack and all, but they've just been kicked up a notch. Sam's Club just announced the exciting arrival of Huy Fong Original Sriracha Almonds, which basically consist of the nutritious nut coated in a sort of salty powder that tastes like the potent chili sauce.

Though the snack has been spotted at other big-box stores and grocery chains in recent months, going forward, the 24-ounce bags will be sold by Sam's Club exclusively, both in stores and online, for $11. Ahead, browse a few photos of the snack pouches, which bear the same iconic Huy Fong Foods packaging, and consider adding one (or a few) to your cart if your snack rotation could use a little spice.