Happy 50th Anniversary, Disney World! Celebrate With Starbucks Magical New Tumbler

It's the most Magical Place on Earth's 50th birthday, and to celebrate, Starbucks is doing what they do best (besides pumpkin spice lattes) and releasing a tumbler in Walt Disney World's honor! The iridescent blue drinking vessel features a ribbed exterior with a Starbucks logo and a label that honors Disney's 50th anniversary and "Most Magical Celebration," which kicks off Oct. 1 and will feature new shows, restaurants, and attractions — how fun! The event lasts a total of 18 months, so you can expect this nifty tumbler to be relevant for some time. As of right now, it appears this unique cup is only available at Walt Disney World parks (specifically The Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs) for a price of $40, but it is expected to roll out to other locations in the near future. Take a sneak peek at this fun Disney Starbucks merch ahead, and make sure to take a trip to the parks in the next year or so to see all the magic that its 18-month celebration has to offer!