Catch Me Channeling My Inner Witch With Starbucks's New Halloween Coffee Mugs

Welp, Starbucks sure is taking our undying Halloween obsession into overdrive this year. After quietly dropping a whole slew of Halloween-inspired reusable tumblers, the coffee chain has begun releasing two spooky mugs straight out of our witchiest dreams. One is black and features an imprinted spiderweb pattern on the side, while the other is white and is stamped with a linear skull design. Both festive drinking vessels are simple and minimalist, with a square-shaped handle and a matte, pearlescent finish.

So far, it looks like the ghostly coffee cups are starting to roll out at Starbucks stores situated inside Target, but they'll likely be widely available at more regular ol' Starbucks locations as October approaches. Which one will you be sipping your Pumpkin Spice Latte from this Fall: the skull or the spiderweb?