We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands on Starbucks's New Rainbow Dome Tumbler For Pride

If you like pretty shiny things (who doesn't?), prepare to feast your eyes! Starbucks is bringing us a colorful treat with its new summer collection of cups, and in particular with its — drum roll please — rainbow dome tumbler. The tumbler, which changes color in the light, comes with a super-cool dome-shaped lid that features a kaleidoscope on top and rainbow straw. The kaleidoscope reflects light in all sorts of directions, so you can sip your next Starbucks Oreo Frappuccino (or whatever summer drink you prefer) in style. And while this isn't technically an official Pride Month tumbler like ones they've released in the past, it still works perfectly for celebrations!

Starbucks summer cups have already been rolled out to stores across the country, and your best bet for finding one is by visiting any Target or grocer with a Starbucks in it. While these rainbow tumblers are getting snatched up by the second, we encourage you to check your local Target and grocers JIC — you could be surprised! See all of the beauty this tumbler beholds ahead.