The New Starbucks in Milan Is Unlike Anything We've Seen Before — Take a Look Inside!

Extravagant. Gorgeous. Fancier than I'll ever be. These are just a few words to describe the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan. The enormous coffeehouse, which is Italy's first-ever Starbucks location, just opened its doors on Sept. 6, and it's straight out of our wildest coffee-loving dreams.

The 25,000-square-foot space is home to multiple coffee bars (and a cocktail bar!), lime-green coffee-bean-roasting equipment, mosaic flooring, an affogato station, a wood-fire oven, and marble countertops that set the stage for picture-perfect Instagram snaps. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention a very vital detail: pizza is on the menu! So, like, when can we move in?!

Although espresso-loving Italian locals were initially hesitant to welcome the global chain, the Reserve Roastery seems to be a huge hit so far, with thousands of visitors sharing pictures of the coffee shop's exquisite interior and cravings-inducing refreshments all across social media. If you don't have a trip to Milan in the works, we've put together a virtual tour of sorts so you can experience its beauty at your fingertips. Prepare to be blown out of the water, folks.

The Exterior of the Roastery Is Downright Stunning

It's Located in the Historic Poste Building in Milan's Piazza Cordusio

There's a Lovely Outdoor Seating Area

You Can Sit in the Shade as You Sip Away

How Cool Are These Umbrellas?!

The Lines Have Been Poppin' Off Since It Opened

There's an Enormous Bronze Cask in the Middle of Everything

It's Basically a Palace Inside


That Feeling When a Staircase Is Prettier Than You . . .

There Are Shiny Details All Over the Space

The Fanciest Coffee Bean Holders I Ever Did See

And This Sophisticated Statue

There's an Augmented Reality Experience That Teaches Visitors About Starbucks's History

There Are HUGE Windows That Let in Plenty of Natural Light

Hello, Caffeine! There's a Cold-Brew Bar

The Bean Roasting Equipment Is Lime Green

Here's a Video of It in Action

There's a Paper Menu (That Unfortunately Doesn't Feature Frappuccinos)

But Hey, It DOES Feature Pastries Galore

Come to Mama

And Yes, There's Pizza!

I'm Officially Shook, You Guys

Here's the Affogato Station, For Anyone Who's Craving Ice Cream With Espresso on Top

My Mouth Is Watering Over These Treats

Some of the Drinks Come in Cute Plastic Cups

Others Are Served Up in Black Cups

You Can Get Whiskey at the Cocktail Bar

Or an Aperol Spritz!

BRB, on My Way to Milan Just to Devour These Drinks