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Starbucks Secret Drink Tastes Like Nonalcoholic Malibu

There's a Secret Drink at Starbucks That People Say Tastes Just Like Nonalcoholic Malibu


Let me know what you think! #LegendaryChallenge #fyp #starbucks


Starbucks doesn't offer boozy drinks on its menu, but one barista might've created the next best thing. TikTok user Mariam (@sublime_artist) imagined a tropical concoction from behind the counter, bringing shoppers something sweet just in time for warmer weather. According to Mariam, the drink tastes just like Malibu rum without the alcohol. Hey, it's even been approved by other creators, like known Starbucks-lover Anna (@annaxsitar).

Since this beverage isn't an official menu item, you'll need Mariam's directions handy when you go to order. Ask for a venti lemonade with coconut milk and two pumps of vanilla syrup plus ice. A getaway in a cup? We'll let you decide. Check out the drink in the video above, then get Anna's unfiltered reaction in the video below. If you're looking for something to sip on this summer, this drink might be the one for you.


10/10 it’s lemon ice cream and the ultimate sunshiney summer drink ✨✨ #annaxstarbies drink @maariamarmora

♬ original sound - anna x
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