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Taco Bell's Midnight Berry Freeze Is Like a Galaxy in a Cup

Taco Bell's New Space-Themed Midnight Berry Freeze Is Swirled With a Juicy Blackberry Syrup

If Taco Bell had floating restaurants in outer space, I imagine the Mandalorian would be hard-pressed to avoid Baby Yoda's request (aka adorable squeaks) to float through the drive-through for a Midnight Berry Freeze. Available in Earth's troposphere, Taco Bell's new space-themed drink is a blue raspberry freeze mixed with a juicy blackberry swirl that makes it look like a mini galaxy in a cup, and I may be searching for mini constellations made of ice right about now.

The tart drink will almost definitely give even the most stoic Mandalorian a blue tongue and brain freeze, but the Jedi in me is still on board to give it a try next time I'm in the mood for a midnight snack. The Midnight Berry Freeze will be available in January for $3 or for $1 during Happier Hour. In the meantime, see how to make Baby Yoda's blue-milk macarons to pair with the chilly drink.

Image Source: Courtesy of Taco Bell
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