Target's Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs Come in Three Different Flavors, Including White Chocolate

Hot cocoa is easily my favorite holiday beverage, and luckily for me, drinking it is about to get even more enjoyable thanks to Target. After spending the last few months rolling out its holiday lineup, the store has released hot chocolate bombs that are basically bath bombs that you can drink.

Holiday Hot Cocoa Bombs are a part of Target's Wondershop line, and according to an online product description, they're being sold in packs of three. Each package includes one milk chocolate, one dark chocolate, and one white chocolate bomb. They also all come with marshmallows packed on the inside, so if you're in the mood to indulge, all you have to do is pop one in a glass or mug and pour some hot milk over it before it melts to chocolatey perfection. The packs are sold in stores and online for about $4 each, though they're currently sold out online. Just head to your nearest Target over the holidays to see if they're in stock!