Tessa Thompson Only Recently Ate an Egg For the First Time

Of all the fascinating aspects of celebrities' lives, for me, their food preferences sit at the top of the list. Just a few weeks after discovering Pedro Pascal's concerning Starbucks order, we're now learning that Tessa Thompson has never had a hamburger before, and only recently tried eggs.

"That's the problem with them. It's like, pick a lane."

At the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty on March 12, where In-N-Out burgers were served, Thompson revealed the fun fact to journalist Amelia Dimoldenberg on the red carpet. Wearing a tuxedo-style gown with an exposed rosette bra, the "Creed III" star shared that despite not being a vegetarian, she's never had a burger in her life. "It's the only thing extraordinary that I can still claim," she said, since she'd recently eaten eggs for the first time. Referring to the different ways eggs are prepared, she added, "That's the problem with them. It's like, pick a lane."

Days prior, Thompson actually ate her first plate of eggs during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on March 4. She explained her fear of eggs was born out of "misinformation," and then eventually, it became her schtick and party trick after a certain age.

"My parents never told me that the eggs that you eat would never become a chicken, so morally, I was like, they should be chickens someday, so I didn't eat eggs then," she shared with Fallon. "Then once I understood that, I just didn't trust them. You know? Because they shape-shift. One second, they're this. One second, they're that." Thompson admitted she wouldn't even eat eggplant for a while because she associated the vegetable with eggs.

Despite her "Creed III" costars attempting to get her to try eggs (Jonathan Majors apparently ate eight hard-boiled eggs for breakfast during filming), Thompson continued to hold off on trying the protein-packed food because "you've gotta hold on to the ways in which you can be exceptional." But on the show, Fallon presented a plate of scrambled eggs she couldn't resist. "Actually, they're not bad," she said as her final verdict, after what seemed like hours of chewing. "Now it's documented that I have eaten an egg. Now I've got to let it go."

For more insight into her food preferences, watch the interview clips ahead.

Tessa Thompson Says She's Never Had a Burger in Vanity Fair Oscars Party Interview

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Tessa Thompson Eats Eggs for the First Time on the Tonight Show